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One Flew over the cuckoo's Nest: The immersive Experience

“...A sobering classic drama wrapped in a theme park interactive attraction ... [well] integrated and thoroughly engaging.”
— Philip Brandes, Los Angeles Times
“Taken as a piece, the set and immersive design are bravura work. Indeed, all the design work on this production is incredible, easily the best I’ve seen in an age...”
— Noah Nelson, No Proscenium
“...An absolute must see. This is LA theater at its most innovative and exciting.”
— Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA
“After Hours Theatre Company has taken a major risk by combining immersive and standard theatre in this fashion, and it’s paid off...The pre-show is well worth the ticket price alone!”
— Cristen Brinkerhoff,



The cast, onstage band and designers are splendid. Musical director Elmo Zapp does marvels with his strong singers, while Claspell and Lewis deliver heartfelt turns guaranteed to wrench a few tears. However, it is co-directors Jennifer Strattan and Jennifer Oundjian (the latter also choreographs) who are the true standouts of the evening. A miracle of purposefulness and intention, their staging hits all the high notes and the low notes of a complicated era.”
— F. Kathleen Foley, Los Angles Time
“Dogfight’s Hudson Mainstage debut is (to quote from one of the show’s best songs) ‘Nothing Short Of Wonderful.’

Jennifer Strattan and Jennifer Oundjian’s exciting, nuanced direction, the latter’s ingenious high-energy choreography, and musical director Elmo Zapp conducting the best six-piece band* in town.

Tuneful and tender, dramatic and devastating, laughter-inducing and heartstrings-tugging, Dogfight at the Hudson should make any musical theater lover’s June 2017 must-see list
— Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA
Elmo Zapp’s musical direction is superb and blends perfectly with Jennifer Oundjian’s choreography as the principals sing and dance their way through the production.

Co-directors Oundjian and Jennifer Stratten imbue DOGFIGHT with compassion and concern, and the actors respond with skill.
— Elaine L. Mura, LA Splash
Claspell and Lewis are giving two of the strongest, loveliest performances I have seen in local musical theatre in recent memory
— Erin Conley, On Stage and Screen
Claspell’s powerful, yet angelic voice simply soars...effortlessly reveals the multi-layers of Rose’s totally charming, undeniable vulnerability.

Oundjian’s exuberant choreography receives sharp execution
— Gil Kaan, Broadway World
It’s an experience that will stay with the survivors for a very long time—-and with the audience as well.
Semper fi!
— Cynthia Citron, San Diego Jewish World
A welcome addition to the local musical theatre scene and should be seen by anyone who loves good theatre.
— Rob Stevens, Haines His Way
The talented young ensemble After Hours Theatre Company... each member of which could easily anchor a show of their own
— Joshua Kahn, Discovery Hollywood

i love you Because 

I’ve been waiting ten long years for I Love You Because to make it to Los Angeles. After Hours Theater Company’s all-around splendid 99-seat production makes it well worth the wait.

Director Rebecca Kenigsberg once again making ingenious use of the wide Hudson Backstage playing area and eliciting one effervescent performance after another from her cast of six.
— Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA
Music Director Elmo Zapp capitalizes on the energy of the score and makes sure that all the songs land.

Rebecca Kenigsberg’s direction is clean and focused on the characters. I Love You Because is an entertaining evening with a memorable cast.
— Michael Van Duzer, Show Mag
The show is severely amusing...I believe destined to receive substantial critical acclaim.

In these days of so much horror on a global scale we need now more than ever some well-done comic relief. I Love You Because delivers.
— Ron Irwin, LA Post-Examiner
Elmo Zapp takes the score and re-orchestrates it, adding strings to amp up the emotional impact, eliminating reeds where they sound hollow, and expanding the textures to create a deeper richness all the way around.

This fresh, young theatre company is on the right track by choosing a musical that will easily appeal to its peers. It’s a lighthearted look at the pitfalls of love and romance, and that’s something we can all relate to.
— Ellen Dostal, Broadway World
Smartly written lyrics that are well performed by the cast and complemented by musical director Elmo Zapp’s splendid five-piece band.

The six person cast turns in steady spirited performances under Rebecca Kenigsberg’s adept direction.
— Lovell Estell III, Stage Raw. LISTED AS TOP TEN TO SEE
Elmo Zapp’s musical direction is top tier and the four piece band does a lovely job with the score.
— Rob Stevens, Haines His Way

tick tick boom

Simply a mind-blowing WOW!!! ...Rebecca Kenigsberg astutely directs her ultra-talented cast of three at a quick, proficient pace wringing out all possible laughs and pathos out of Larson’s autobiographical piece.

Left theatre with head exploded from much laughing, frequent crying and lots of hands applauding!!! Do try to see this before their short run ends.
A couldn’t-be-better trio of up-and-coming triple-threats under Rebecca Kenisgberg’s highly imaginative direction.

With its glimpse into the life of a starving artist who went on to be a Broadway legend, tick, tick … BOOM! both elucidates and entertains.

— Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

Full List of Scenie Awards - Stage Scene LA

Tick, Tick....BOOM! - Outstanding Production Musical, Intimate Theater 
I Love You Because - Outstanding Production Musical, Intimate Theater
Nick Bredosky in Tick, Tick...Boom! and I Love You Because - Star Making Performance (Musical)
Rebecca Kenigsberg for Tick, Tick...Boom! and I Love You Because - Outstanding Direction (Multiple Productions) 
Elmo Zapp for Tick, Tick...Boom! and I Love You Because - Outstanding Musical Direction (multiple productions) 
I Love You Because - outstanding ensemble cast musical (intimate theater) 
Shelley Regner in Tick, Tick...Boom! and I Love You Because - The Years Best Featured Performances (Musical)  
Harrison Meloeny in Tick, Tick...Boom! and I Love You Because - The Years Best Featured Performances (Musical)