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After Hours Theatre Company is an LA-based theatre company specializing in reinvigorating the live experience through immersive entertainment.


We create worlds.

Immersive theatre. Last Five Years. Janel Parrish. Los Angeles. Site Specific Theatre. Theater


"It's an experience. It's not just another night in the theater. On the night I went the audience was a good twenty years younger than your typical LA theater audience. That's impressive."

NPR Logo. Reviews for Immersive Theater. Site Specific Theatre.

" immersive appetizer for the uninitiated and a sorbet for the connoisseur. Like a good-tasting meal, you’re left wanting more, the literal smell of a fine time hanging about you."

No Proscenium Logo. Review for Immersive Theatre. Site Specific Theatre. Los Angeles.

"This is Los Angeles theater at its most innovative and exciting."

Stage Scene LA

"Words aren’t the only magic in this production...the immersive introduction helps transport the audience to a different state of consciousness.

Los Angeles Times logo. Review for Immersive Theatre. Site Specific Theatre. Los Angeles.


Cuckoo's Nest The Immersive Experience. Los Angeles.


A first-of-its-kind immersive first-of-its-kind hybrid immersive production of Dale Wasserman's classic play, based on the novel by Ken Kesey.

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Tempest Immersive Experience Los Angeles


Embark on an island adventure and experience a fully immersive telling of Shakespeare’s The Tempest! Upon stepping into the experience, you’ll find yourself shipwrecked onto a dark, magical island full of wonder, excitement, clues, and discovery.

Marketing activations. Los Angeles. Immersive theatre. Warrior HBO Cinemax


After Hours worked with Hello Design to create a nightclub experience themed to the world of Cinemax's WARRIOR.

Warrior Logo
Scott Porter. The Last Five Years. Los Angeles immersive theatre.


A multi-sensory experience that utilized cutting edge techniques including scent design, 360° degree sound, curated cocktail design, and an interactive pre-show experience

The Last Five Years Logo. Multisensory Experience.
Hocus Pocus Los Angeles. Fever. Online cocktail class. Immersive theatre.


The witching hour is close at hand!

Put on your witches’ hat and grab your broomstick, because the Sanderson Cousins are back and ready to put you under their spell!


In this musical “Master Class” on witchery, you will be taught how to concoct potions, perform spells, and become a certified full-fledged witch or wizard by the biggest, baddest witches in the business – all to the tune of your favorite haunted hits.

Hocus Pocus logo.


After Hours Theatre Company continues to innovate in high quality, story-driven immersive entertainment. 

Seasoned in both private and branded events and activations, our diverse team will take your story further.


Services include

  • physical production

  • virtual/immersive design

  • scenic design and builds

  • creative consultations

  • venue/location scouting

  • venue/theatrical management

  • actor+character staffing

  • showrunning


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