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After Hours worked with the Broadway team behind ‘Rock of Ages’ to conceptualize, write, and produce an immersive preshow designed to immerse guests into the world of the 1987 Sunset Strip. 


...a cast of characters and experiences are woven throughout the main bar and lounge at The Bourbon Room. 

For guests that want to fully engage in the immersive theatrical experience, they can interact with a variety of characters ranging from aspiring rock stars to small town girls, living in a lonely world. 

After Hours also designed several interactive elements hidden throughout The Bourbon Room, from interactive payphones featuring voicemails to hidden messages in posters and flyers. The Bourbon Room itself also changes from pre-show to post-show to reflect some of the storyline of the show.


“A retro record store sells show souvenirs, and a faux-tattoo chair offers patrons shots of bourbon with any temporary markings. Actors from the immersive theater company After Hours casually play characters that might have inhabited the same world as those in “Rock of Ages,” improvising with patrons before they even see a stage.”

Ashley Lee, Los Angeles Times

"In fact, each night isn't just a show, it's a unique event reflecting not only the skill of the cast but also the rocking mood of the audience. Before and during the show, guests enjoy a beer, cocktails or upscale bar food as a team of immersive actors bring the Sunset Strip of the 1980s to life."

Shari Barrett, Broadway World

When you arrive at The Bourbon Room, there are multiple ways to interact with the actors before the performance begins. You can get a “tattoo” (temporary, of course) or a “fake ID,” or simply explore the stylish space, which also includes a separate bar open to the public that was hosting a night of live piano music following the performance attended for this review."

Erin Conly, On Stage and Screen

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