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Definitely Not Clue stands as a perfect example of the type of theatre that’s emerging for at-home experiences.

Blake Weil, No Proscenium


Roll the dice. Solve the clues. Unlock the mystery. 


Ten years after opening night of their high school production of Clues: The Musical, a group of friends reconnect from afar over a virtual game of Clue. However, after one of the friends goes missing online, they soon realize that this is not just a game any more...this is real. 


In this all-new live interactive musical comedy event, guests are invited to watch the mystery unfold in real time, while helping uncover the killer with in-chat puzzles and unlockable scenes! Are you ready to play? 


Starring Harrison Meleony, Jonathan Bennett, Jamie Lyn Beatty, Janaya Jones, Julia Black, Matthew Scott Montgomery, Sterling Sulieman, and Trent Mills. 

Original Crew

Produced By:

Graham Wetterhahn, Vijay Nazareth, KJ Knies, Andrew Schmedake, Sara Ashley Beil

Directed By:

Ryan O'Connor

Written By:

Sara Ashley Beil

Music Direction + Arrangements By:

Jennifer Lin

Choreography By:

Jen Oundijian

Stream Design By:

Andrew Schmedake

Sound Design By:

Cricket Myers

Production Design By:

Shen Heckel

Interactive Design By:

Sara Ashley Beil

Puzzle Design By:

Tommy Honton

VFX Artist / Editing By:

Blake Rizzo

Film Editing By:

Larry Lagera

Cocktail Design By:

Spirit Guides

Stage Manager / Stream Engineer:

Shawna Voragen

Sound Engineer and Mixing By:

Cricket Myers + Cristian  Lee

Marketing and Graphic Design:

KJ Knies

Publicity By:

Michaela Bulkley


Jennifer Lin, Max Wagner, Khris Kempis, Matt Gendal

We are currently licensing the book to "Definitely Not Clue" to community and high school drama programs.

For licensing information, please email

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