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Caliban's Cave


Caliban is the son of Sycorax, the witch, and the only true native of the island (aside from the sprites). After Sycorax died, Caliban was left to fend for himself until Prospero’s arrival. Prospero took him into his own cell, and in return, Caliban showed Prospero the ways of the island, including where to find fresh springs and fertile ground. Miranda taught him English, so they could communicate. 


Prospero accused Caliban of trying to violate Miranda and banished him from the cell, confining him in a cave. Now expelled from the only family he’s known and made to feel like a slave on the island where he grew up, Caliban is spiteful, wanting to reclaim the island that is rightfully his.




A hidden symbol is hidden somewhere in the cave. Can you find it? (Use your hands)


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