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Prospero is the main character of The Tempest and a father to Miranda. He is a powerful sorcerer who took refuge on this island after being deposed as Duke of Milan. Prospero’s own brother, Antonio, organized the plot to overthrow Prospero and gave instructions for his and Miranda’s execution. Gonzalo, a royal counselor, defied the order and put Prospero and Miranda in a small boat and set it adrift. He also stocked the boat with Prospero’s beloved books.


Prospero and Miranda landed on this island and have lived here ever since. While Prospero is master to Ariel, a magical sprite, he also has the power to perform magic himself. He learned magic from his many magic books which came ashore with him to the island. 




Prospero’s secret library lies within the cell, but is only accessible to those who are able to solve the sprite’s riddle. Can you solve the clues to enter the library?

Explore the rest of the island:


Miranda's Sandbox

Caliban's Cave

Sycorax's Grave

Ariel's Hollow

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